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We have two options for custom-fit floor mats that we recommend; the Husky brand mats along with WeatherTech, both are custom fit for each vehicle.

Husky is generally the cheaper option, but it does offer ‘nibs’ on the underside of the mat to grip the carpet and keep the mat in place.

Husky also provides three different types of custom-fit floor liners to fit anyone’s needs, they offer the ‘classic style’ with a checker plate design, the ‘Weather Beater’ line which has grooves, ridges and containment walls to keep snow, water and any mess away form your footwear, and the ‘X-Act Contour’ which provides the same custom fit, but in soft, flexible, rubber as the premier option for your vehicle’s carpet protection.

Give us a call and we can provide pricing, or come in and we can show you what the mats look like for your specific vehicle.